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How to contribute to openVALIDATION?

We want to radically change the way people write software tomorrow. We believe that the use of a natural language instead of a formal programming Language is one of the key elements. There is no question that this challenge is absolutely epic. So let's do it together!

How to contribute

Actually it doesn't matter if you can already program or not. Or if you are a computer expert or not. You are welcome here. There are many ways you can contribute to the project:

  • You could run tests and report bugs

  • You could write user tutorials

  • Driving general publicity on social media

  • Improve documentation

  • Make suggestions for new features

  • You could translate certain elements of the software. We want openVALIDATION to understand not only English and German, but also many other languages

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But also as a developer there is a lot to do:

  • You could add more generator templates like for C++, PHP, TypeScript, Go, Ruby etc.

  • troubleshoot

  • Work through existing issues

  • Promote integration into various ecosystems, such as Angular, Vue, React, NodeRed, Zapier, openAPI, etc.

  • and many other exciting tasks...

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