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Who we are

We are software developers and work for
BROCKHAUS AG, an IT consulting company from Dortmund (DE). We already have many years of experience in the implementation of enterprise systems in the insurance industry. The challenges in this field are well known to us.
Some of us have already been automating administrative processes for almost 20 years. Many of us are aware that our daily work leads to the fact that manual recurring activities become obsolete. This development can hardly be stopped. Companies are forced to digitise their processes in order to remain competitive in an increasingly global market. On the other hand, the same companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find IT professionals. The solution to this imbalance is our driving force.
The experience of the last few years and our preference for OpenSource software has led us to develop openVALIDATION
. A technology that we would like to share with the world.
We hope to find more contributors for the further development of openVALIDATION, in order to have a lasting impact on digital change!