An IDE for users who aren't familiar with coding

openVALIDATION-IDE is a web-based development environment for users who are not familiar with coding. It enables Domain Experts, Business Analysts or Requirement Engineers to write complex validation rules themselves using natural language. These validation rules will be translated into code using openVALIDATION.

Usually, an IDE is a very technical tool for coding. The openVALIDATION-IDE is an approach to hide all the technical features of an IDE and gives the user just the necessary tools for writing validation rules. It includes features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion and linting while making it look like a simple text-editor.

The major components of the tech stack for the openVALIDATION-IDE consists of the Angular framework and the Monaco Editor for its UI, while backend functionality is powered by Spring Boot.

Further information on how to run and deploy the project can be found in the Github Repository.

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